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(Case Study: North Coast of Java, Tegal)

Konsep Produk :

Fishing system that provide high density catch with maintenance for growth overfishing


Deskripsi Karya :

Surveillance drone for fishing purpose & escape way for purse seine net that filters young fish from the catch.


Latar Belakang Produk :

All over the world, damage to the oceans due to overfishing and destructive fishing has resulted in massive losses to the environment and fisheries sector. The use of fishing gear such as bottom trawling, chemicals, and explosives was one of the causes even though its use has been banned. The selection of several dangerous fishing gears is considered to be more effective and efficient to get bountiful catches quickly.

In Indonesia itself, especially the Java Sea, it is also experiencing these problems, several fish species which are the main commodities are rarely found in their habitats. This is the basis for this research on how sustainable fishing systems fix it. This research is aimed at examining how a fishing gear and needs change the behavior patterns of fishermen and analyze the interaction of the two to be developed into a design output that can increase fishing efficiency while maintaining marine sustainability.

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Rizqie Anandita Zafs


Dosen Pembimbing:

Drs. Agus Karya Suhada M. Sn.

"Apa sih yang kalian kejar?"

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